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Portunes winery is located within the grounds of the fairytale Château de Vaisséries (pronounced, locally, as vai-sir-ee-ez) and sits just outside the city limits of Beziers with its surrounding vineyards, parks and forest. Without a doubt, wine has been celebrated on the grounds here since the Romans.

Today we take pleasure in creating unique wines, full of individual character and passion and we love the fact that making wine involves working with the land. Our wine is part of the culture around us, a part of the past and present here on the estate. When you come to Portunes, you will see that this is a place that has history in a natural setting that has been preserved. The wines show this passion; the resonate properly with culture, with life, with food. Our wines show off the fruit and the aromas of the terroir of the garrigue – juniper, lavender, sage, violet, rosemary and thyme. After all, it’s what’s all around us here in Vaisséries and it is outstanding.

Wines at Portunes will always vary depending on the year. Blends are made based on the fruit itself and the conditions of the harvest.
Our well made wines evolve from this care. They’re delicious in their category, showing balance and modesty.

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